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1. Cattleya orchids are perfect for you if you’ll be growing them in areas with a lot of natural ligh. These plants reward their orchid growers with an extravagant display of colorful blooms.

2. Phalaenopsis orchids, or “moth orchids”, are popular among beginner growers because they’re one of the most resilient and sturdy orchid types out there. They can survive many of the inevitable beginner’s mistakes that would kill less hearty plants, and their blossoms put on a great show.

3. Vandas are one of those orchid types that does best in a hanging basket rather than a closed-in pot. While all orchids like to have sufficient aeration around their roots, these types absolutely crave it.

4. Dendrobiums are popular because they’re relatively easy to care for, and also come in a huge variety of shapes and colors. A good “all-purpose” orchid, the produce some of the most impressive blossoms of any orchid with relatively minimal maintenance.

5. Paphiopedilum orchids tend to produce only a single blossom per plant, but the blossom is of such elegance and vibrancy that you have to see it to believe it!

6. Oncidiums are one of the most diverse orchid types. They come in more than a thousand different variations of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you can support the environmental needs, then you can find a style that matches your desires.

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Mother’s Day is the perfect time to send flowers!

Mothers Day Flowers

Flowers for Mothers Day

Come visit us for that perfect orchid or bouquet. Johnny Mangos offers a wide variety of affordable, long lasting tropicals that are sure to please. And Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms who tend their gardens throughout the year!


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COME ON OVER AND VIST US! JOHNNY MANGOS is a unique garden center, landscaping company and tropical gift destination, located in Delray Beach, FL

We have been creating floral, tropical works of art and landscaping for residential and corporate clients for over 20 years.

We established our floral and landscaping business on the philosophy that each client deserves something special and unique. Each design whether a flower arrangement or a landscaped pation is individually created, even during the busiest holidays. Johnny Mangos offers one of a kind landscape design, tropical accents, home decor and arrangements and tropical gifts at amazing prices.

We specialize in creating appealing and artistic creations. Many of our designs are specially made according to our client’s requests and for a specific occasion. Our florist company offers unique bouquets, arrangements and floral gardens. We import some of our flowers for a larger variety but we also utilize our local growers.

Delray Beach flowers and landscaping at JOHNNY MANGOS can supply clients with beautiful arrangements for any occasion. We are capable of creating larger orders for weddings, religious celebrations or funerals. We welcome corporate accounts allowing us to create floral designs on a regular basis. We are always professional and use the most exquisite taste in creating all of our floral designs.

Conveniently located on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, FL however we service a large area. Some of our delivery locations include: Boca Raton, Ocean Ridge, Gulf Stream, Lantana, Wellington, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and more! Call us today to hear more about our extensive service and delivery area at 561-276-4424. We welcome phone in orders and walk-ins.

Customized floral designs and gifts are the specialty here at Johnny Mangos, an expert florist company located in Delray Beach, FL and providing for a large service area.
• Customized Tropical Floral Arrangements
• Customized Bouquets
• Utilize Local Growers
• Import Flowers
• Local Delivery