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S Florida's most affordable supplier of home and garden accessories in the Delray Beach/ Palm Beach/ Boynton Beach/ Boca Raton /Ft. Lauderdale area

Visit over an acre of inventory of orchids, bromeliads, exotic flower arrangements, rose bouquets as well as glazed pottery containers, and imported furniture. Johnny Mangos is a destination for the homeowner and designer alike. It’s impossible not to find something for your home and/or garden!

exotic flowers & mexican ceramic art for sale

Inside the main store, you will find unique furniture and home accessories from many countries. Johnny Mangos specializes in tropical plants, farm fresh produce, antique, and reproduction furniture, and garden and architectural elements. Rustic, tropical decor and antique furniture comprise a large portion of our hand-selected inventory.

In the outdoor yard find thousands of pottery items containers to choose from. Whether your project is container gardening, creating your own customized fountain, or creating a Zen garden, Johnny Mangos has numerous and varied choices! Among the massive inventory, you will find many styles of buddhas, ceramic animals, oversized Mexican pots, and more.

Landscape designers, homeowners and contractors all rely on Johnny Mangos for its extensive selection of ethnic accent pieces, millstones, stone fountains, and other statuary.

Tropical gardens at Johnny Mangos, Delray Beach, FL



Johnny Mangos strives to provide you with the best quality orchids available. We have a large selection of high quality cattleya, oncidiums, vandys, phyalanopsis, bromeliads, hydrangeas and rose bouquets. Most of our orchids are mature, large, well grown, blooming size plants that you won’t have to wait for years to bloom. All will bloom within 2 years, but most will bloom much sooner. Our large selection, and top quality plants, make us the premier source for your orchid and other exotic plant needs.

With over 30,000 square feet of greenhouses, Johnny Mangos is a favorite shippers of orchids in the entire United States. Our facilty is located in Delray Beach, Florida, on Florida’s southeast coast. We are just one mile off of Interstate 95 at the Atlantic Avenue exit, about 30 minutes south of West Palm Beach, or about 50 miles north of Miami. We are open to the public during the week, so stop by and see us if you are in the area.

For those of you who do not shop online, you can order by phone or mail.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you with new outstanding and rewarding orchids for your growing enjoyment.

Note on Shipping Orchids:
Orchids are tropical plants. They die in freezing temperatures. This means we have to be extremely careful when shipping orchids to colder climates. We will not ship orchids at all when the low temps are below 30 degrees F. We do not ship via Ground shipping to the Northern and Western U.S. during winter's deep freeze.

Spring's moderate weather makes it a perfect opportunity to be able to start shipping to the more northern areas of the country.

Did you know?

Have you ever wondered what the three numbers on a bag of fertilizer are? It's surprising that most people don't know or even care what the numbers mean.

The numbers represent the percentage of each of the three most important elements to plant growth. The first is nitrogen (N), then phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).

Generally, nitrogen is the most important and it is available in many forms. Nitrogen is responsible mainly for providing lush, leafy top-growth and deep green color. Fertilizers can release nitrogen to the plant slowly over time, quickly for immediate results, or both depending on the blend.
About Orchids

Dendrobium, cattleyas, oncidiums, phyalanopsis all require specific light, watering levels and fertilzers. Check out our Flower FAQ's for more useful information and tips on caring for your orchid collection!

Phalaenopsis is also referred to as a moth orchid, displaying sprays of 10 to 20 flowers measuring up to 4 inches in diameter. The term moth orchids comes from the appearnce of the blossoms, which resemble flying moths. These orchids are the longest lasting, easiest to care for, requiring low light and water. They remain in bloom for 30 to 90 days with once a week watering.

These orchids are easy to grow and have long-lasting flowers. Phalaenopsis (also called Phals) are often seen at weddings and can be found in various colors including pinks, yellows, and stripes. have long lasting flower and are rather easy to grow. These colorful flowers are a favorite at weddings and are available in pinks, yellows and stripes.

With its understated elegance, this gorgeous white orchid plant is a long-lasting choice. Perfect for anniversaries or special occasions.

Epidendrum orchids are considered the least challenging orchids to grow in the home garden. Prolific bloomers, these orchids display lengthy green stems with fragile pastel-hued flowers. Plan in your yard as a back drop - they do spread and grow up to 5 feet tall. They are an easy to care for orchid.

Cattleya orchids are the most widely grown orchid plant by home gardeners. This orchid displays showy aesthetically pleasing blooms that remain in bloom for up to 6 weeks. Most are very fragrant and a wide variety of individual colors are available.

Dendrobium orchids is a genus that contains more than a thousand species! These orchids have a reutation for being easy to care for. Dendrobium typically grow blooms when the weater is cool. Once they bloom, flowers last 3 weeks to a month. If not sprayed with toxic chemicals, they make a great decoration to any dinner plate and are edible.